Episode 5 – Investing Through Convertible Preferred Stock

March 11, 2011

Having a great idea is not enough to bring your product to market. You also need to fund it.  In Episode 5 of The Wendel Forum (originally aired on Saturday, March 5, on Green 960 AM radio) Dick Lyons discusses investment in a green business (a hypothetical company called GreenCo) from the investor’s perspective. In future episodes we’ll address investment issues from the company’s perspective. To raise capital, a green company can offer convertible preferred stock. What’s in it for the investor?  What about offering dividends? 

Tune in to Green 960 AM radio at 11:26 a.m. on Saturday, March 12, to hear a continuation of the investment conversation.  This time focusing on Series A stock and redemption rights.

In other news, Dick is currently attending the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim.  Say “hi” if you see him. Reports from the floor indicate there is a lot of activity and some great new products being showcased. Hot trends this year include gluten free products, natural sweeteners, and clean labeling (check out this Food Navigator interview with Chris Kelly, Director of Technical Service for Advanced Food Systems at the Research Chefs Association conference in March 2010).  We’re following the chatter on the Twitter feed #expowest and posting from @WendelRosen. 

Posting Links:

Link to the audio download of Episode 5:  wendel_forum_5

Link to Green 960 AM radio green morning line up: http://greenmorning.org/pages/greenmorning/

Link to Natural Products Expo West website: http://www.expowest.com/ew11/public/enter.aspx

Link to Food Navigor interview: http://www.foodnavigator-usa.com/Financial-Industry/Facing-the-challenge-of-clean-label-demands


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