Recycled Clothing – Beyond a Goodwill Approach

April 8, 2011

Each Spring and Fall I find myself going through the closets and dressers to collect donations to cart off to Goodwill.  With two little but ever growing children, this is less about being charitable than it is about a rite of necessity.  I have to get rid of old stuff so that I can replace it new stuff.  The Goodwill model, accepting my old stuff to give it to people as their new stuff, seems to fit the bill.  Well, almost.

You see, I don’t replace the children’s clothes with clothes from Goodwill.  I go out and buy brand new clothing to take the place of their outgrown garments.  Yes, I share these purchases with others later on, but for the most part, I keep consuming.  There has to be a different approach, don’t you think?

On this week’s show, we’ll talk to two emerging companies that are answering this question. 

ThredUp ( is an online exchange for used children’s clothing and toys.  ThredUp’s CEO, James Reinhart, sits down and tells us how his idea, which he likens to a Netflix for kids’ clothes – is taking off.  According to Reinhart, ThredUp is signing 1,000 mothers – PER DAY – as clothes-swapping members.

As for you adults, have no fear, there is something for you, too.  Platinum Dirt (, which is headed by Dustin Page and Aaron Parrish, will also join the Forum discussion.  They will tell you about their ingenius idea to recycle leather seating from Cadillacs, Lincolns, BMWs, Mercedes, and other cars left to rot in the junkyard.  They take this leather and turn them into beautifully designed leather jackets, wallets, and purses.

It will be an exciting discussion – recycling, fashion, and environmental and business benefits.  Tune in to Green 960 AM to learn how emerging clothing industry entreprenuers are moving beyond the Goodwill approach to recycle clothing and repurpose materials to create new fashions.


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