Episode 9 – The Wendel Forum Launches New Half Hour Format

April 9, 2011

On April 2, 2011, we launched the inaugural episode in our new half hour format! 

Episode 9 of The Wendel Forum (originally aired on Green 960 AM radio, April 2, 2011) kicks off the show’s new half hour format.  Bill Acevedo interviews Blakely Atherton and Pic Walker of the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE).

Photo of Bill Acevedo during show

Bill Acevedo in Studio

The organization’s climate change education comes in the form of a multi-media “rocumentary” with live presentation that engages high school students around the country. Pic and Blakely discuss how this innovative nonprofit program not only educates high school students, but it inspires them to take personal action regarding climate change.  

They talk about how they originally identified a need to communicate acurate climate science information with high school students; the form, content and regional challenges associated with these lively presentations; and how they measure success.  They even share a short trailer (posted on YouTube) that showcases the program through presentation footage and audience testimonials. 

Photo of Walker and Atherton in Studio

Walker and Atherton discuss Alliance for Climate Education

Bonus Material!

At the end of the Episode 9 audio, you’ll get a set of bonus material – a repeat set of some of our previous 3 minute segments. Keep listening to catch up on some of what you’ve missed so far (segments below, each about 3 minutes long):

  • Episode 3 “The Supply Chain Ripple Effect” – using Walmart as an example, Dick Lyons discuss the impact that all businesses can have on their supply chains.
  • Episode 5 “Investing Through Convertible Preferred Stock” – Dick Lyons discusses how preferred stock allows investors to get involved with our fictional company, GreenCo. 
  • Episode 6 “Series A Stock & Redemption Rights” – Dick’s analysis of issues that may face company owners when Series A stock redemption rights kick in.
  • Episode 7 “Natural Products Expo West 2011” – Dick Lyons reports back from this annual conference that has grown exponentially during the last thirty years
  • Episode 8 “Are You Sure You Know What ‘Organic’ Means?” – Dick Lyon’s discusses the labeling requirements related to organic and natural products.  


Be sure to tune in to Green 960 AM radio at 11:30 a.m. (PDT) on Saturday during the Green Morning lineup to listen to our next episode.  If you are out of signal range, have no fear.  You can listen live online via the station’s website (www.green960.com).  Host Bill Acevedo will be talking with leaders at two very different companies, each with its own unique way of lightening the load in our nation’s landfills.  Guests are James Reinhart of ThredUp and Dustin Page and Aaron Parrish of Platinum Dirt.

 We hope you like the new longer format.  After you’ve listened, come back and tell us what you think!  What future topics interest you?

 Post links:

 Listen to Interview with ACE:  Episode 9

Green 960 AM Radio: www.green960.com

Alliance for Climate Education organization website: www.acespace.org

Alliance for Climate Education YouTube video trailer:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGJRKBQzAx0


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