Episode 16 – Insider’s Advice on Green Business Investor Expectations

May 27, 2011

Chuck Slotkin, founder and managing director of Nature’s Equity, a boutique investment firm operating in the sustainable business space for the past 20 years, joins show host Dick Lyons to continue his conversation regarding business trends in the natural products industry in Episode 16 of The Wendel Forum(originally aired on May  21, 2011 on Green 960 AM radio).

Dick Lyons in Studio

Show host Dick Lyons interviews Chuck Slotkin.

In this episode, the two take a deeper look at innovation happening in the natural food and supplements industry.  They share insights into the qualities that they see in successful start-ups.  They address the business reality check that many entrepreneurs must face in order to jump to the next level (whether by raising capital for product or geographic expansion or positioning for sale).  What are the essential early steps a young business should do to prepare for these possible futures?  A good start is to really understand the market dynamics you face and anticipate a potential suitor’s mindset regarding the perceived value and position of your company.  Is it possible to preserve the core triple-bottom-line values of a company after it’s sold to a more traditional investor?  What challenges do company founders face if they stay with the company as a division manager within the new corporate structure?   Dick and Chuck also discuss the importance of early valuations and normalizing financials to help give the founders a realistic path to their future goals.

Listen to the episode to hear this experienced industry insider share his observations regarding trends in the natural food and product industry and his advice for companies currently contemplating their growth arc.

Post Links:

Listen to the interview with Chuck Slotkin:Episode 16 of The Wendel Forum (27 min 46 sec)

Nature’s Equity: http://naturesequity.com/

About show host Dick Lyons: www.wendel.com/rlyons

Green 960 AM radio: www.green960.com


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