Episode 17 – The Green Evolution of Product Packaging

June 2, 2011


We can bring our reusable tote bags to the grocery store and shop farmer’s markets for loose produce; but as consumers, we generally don’t have any control over how most of the products we purchase are packaged.  That’s left in the hands of the manufacturers.  From milk to electronics, the packaging options are largely out of our control.  Even so, some forward-th

Ecologic Brands New Laundry Bottle

Ecologic Brands New Laundry Bottle for Seventh Generation

inking and green-minded companies are beginning to address the problem of waste in this important part of the supply and distribution chain. 

Seventh Generation is a company that’s taking a leadership role on this issue with the release of a new cardboard laundry detergent bottle. We’d like to introduce you to Ecologic Brands, the company-behind-the-company that is allowing Seventh Generation to make this shift. 

Listen to show host Bill Acevedo discuss the issue of product packaging with Ecologic Brands Founder and CEO Julie Corbett in the download of Episode 17 of The Wendel Forum(originally aired on Green 960 AM radio on May 28, 2011). 

They discuss the challenges of packaging, including sourcing of raw materials and opportunities for recycling post consumer use.  The conversation turns to all aspects of packaging life cycle and who is really driving changes to this part of product manufacturing – consumers or companies?

Be sure to listen all the way to the end to hear about the contest that Ecologic Brands is currently running!

What are some of the best (or worst) examples of product packaging you’ve seen lately? 



Post Links:

Discussion with Ecological Brands CEO Julie Corbett: Episode 17 of The Wendel Forum(27.50 minutes)

Ecologic Brands website: www.ecologicbrands.com

Seventh Generation: http://www.seventhgeneration.com/4X-Laundry-Detergent

Green 960 AM radio website: www.green960.com

About show host William Acevedo: www.wendel.com/wacevedo


3 Responses to “Episode 17 – The Green Evolution of Product Packaging”

  1. Packaging does cause the most wastage and its thus imperative that a recycling system be functioning for it.

  2. Packaging creates a unique way of differences in each and every product and each one looks so beautiful in different kind of packaging. Sometimes it happens there are many of the products which are competitive but it can be competitive in a real sense if it has good packing criteria and also have a good handling via its care.

    Packaging Design

    • Packaging Design,

      Thanks for your comment. Do you believe consumers are influenced to purchase a product because the product’s packaging design speaks to their values (that is, if they are aware the packaging is made of more environmentally friendly material or less material than a competitor’s product)?

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