Episode 24 –Nick Aster of Triple Pundit Discusses the State of CSR

July 20, 2011

If an icon of American industrialism has figured out the nuances of engaging all stakeholders (not just shareholders) in a dialogue on the impact of societal trends on its industry and company, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) must have gone mainstream.

In  Episode 24 of The Wendel Forum (originally aired on Green 960 AM radio on July 16, 2011) Nick Aster, founder and publisher of Triple Pundit, chats with show host and green business attorney Bill Acevedo.  They cover topics including Nick’s observations after attending the recent Forward With Ford Trends Conference in Michigan, the effect of the economy and politics on sustainable business practices, and communication trends for reporting CSR.

Nick Aster of Triple Pundit

Nick Aster of Triple Pundit in studio with The Wendel Forum

Nick’s key takeaways from the conference?  Ford has identified four major societal trends to address (i.e., an aging population, youth culture, green/sustainability, and safety).  They’ve taken a proactive role in reaching out to engage an inclusive audience of stakeholders (not just shareholders) in a dialogue around these trends.  It’s a strategy that many other major corporations should consider.  If you search for the conference on the Internet, you should stumble across a wide cross-section of blogger accounts – all part of Ford’s master plan.

The TriplePundit.com mission is to provide a platform to advance the conversation regarding trends in sustainable business, with an emphasis on “business.” Primary audiences range from corporate folks introducing sustainable practices in big old-school organizations, to entrepreneurs and MBA students.  The multitude of perspectives creates a dynamic exchange with a variety of voices.

Listen to the interview and then we’d like to hear what you think.  What’s your view on the evolution and future of CSR for companies large and small?

Post Links:

Listen to the interview with Nick Aster of Triple Pundit:  Episode 24 of The Wendel Forum (27.22 min)

CSR Hub rating system website: http://www.csrhub.com/

Nick’s Triple Pundit post “Is the ‘Light Bulb Ban’ a Communist Plot”: http://www.triplepundit.com/2011/07/light-bulb-ban-communist-plot/

Triple Pundit website: www.Triplepundit.com

Forward With Ford Trends Conference:  http://media.ford.com/mini_sites/10031/FordForward/

Green 960 AM radio website:  www.green960.com

About show host Bill Acevedo:  www.wendel.com/wacevedo


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