The Wendel Forum is produced by the Green Business Practice Group at Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean LLP.  Most of us are lawyers, but others from the firm also contribute to the content of this blog.  To learn about individual contributors visit their profiles here or on the Wendel Rosen website.

Dick Lyons and Bill Acevedo serve as our regular radio program hosts, but you’ll also be hearing other voices — from within the firm and leaders working in the green economy.   We’ll introduce you to others as they join the conversation.

We hope to bring you compelling stories and practical explanations of what’s happening in green business.  Perhaps even more importantly, we look forward to hearing from you.  So please, join the conversation and tell us what you think.  Thanks for stopping by.


One Response to “The Forum Team”

  1. Hi Team –
    Often poverlooked but vitally important is the subject of commercial liability insurance and how it applies to emerging economic commerce (green business).
    One specific example that’s noteworthy in green commerce is the role that Professional Liability insurance plays in protecting the Insured, their client and any other third party affected by a liability claim as a result or claim of negligence against the insured. There are so many professionals entering the green economy as consultants (energy, finance, sustainability, HERS Raters, LEED Profesionals, etc) and each of them faces a uniques set of potential liability pitfalls that need to be covered by an appropriate professional liability insurance policy. The reality is this: MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE BUYING and PLAYING THE IGNOARANCE CARD WHEN A CLAI HITS WON’T GET YOU VERY FAR IN THE COURT OF LAW. This is the job a good broker – make sure your client understands the basic elements of the policy (insuring agreement – including defense costs inside/outside policy limits, definitions ( who’s
    covered? Do you subcontract work, use IC’s..are they covered?), policy exclusions and endorsements……all of these issues ‘shape’ the coverage for the green professional..and it is the job of your broker to make certain you have a good comprehension of these matters….understanding this much could potentially save you and your business a world of hurt.
    Any questions, please ask – thank you.
    Rich Kretzmer, Broker
    Green Power Insurance Solutions

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