Welcome to The Wendel Forum — a place where we’ll focus on the legal side of the green economy.  This blog is a collaborative effort of Wendel Rosen’s Green Business Practice Group and is inspired by the launch of our new radio segments (not coincidently also called The Wendel Forum) that run each Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. during The Green Morning line up on 960 KNEW AM radio (previously Green 960 AM).  Please check us out  there or streaming live on The Green Morning website.

We plan to use this blog to dig more deeply into the subjects covered on air and to share additional information important to businesses operating in the green economy. 

Forum contributing authors will bring experience from many different legal disciplines to address issues of interest throughout the green economy.  You may catch us discussing anything from cap and trade legislation to greenwashing, from industry events to interesting new projects. 

We hope you will join in the conversation — post your ideas, questions and concerns about the legal side of green business. *

*Check out our Terms & Conditions page for legal disclaimers.


2 Responses to “About The Wendel Forum”

  1. Renee P. Pound Says:

    Thanks for the great info. about Green Tech. on your program on Sat. 6/4/11
    Your guest Lindsay, talked about The Clean Tech Awards on June 16th.
    I want more info. about that event. Thanks for your inspiring show!

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